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Available Systems Using PHP and MySQL

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These templates are Complete Systems installed in a WebPlus Document in PHP/MySQL


Everything is in one X6 WPP.

Specifically Designed as a WebPlus X6.

Unlimited Product Catalogue.

Digital Downloads supported.

Product image upload and change at any time.

Unlimited Product Categories and Groups.

Automatic PayPal  submission data creation.

Automatic Customer Account creation.

Fully Customisable in WebPlus using standard WebPlus features.

All code is pre-written and embedded in the WPP, so no programming knowledge or coding required, works out of the box!

No Monthly fees to a third party, one single payment and you are set for life.

License included allows usage on up to TWO of your personal sites.

Comprehensive Secure Maintenance area, here you can manage the system parameters easily, add and edit products, apply special offers and customer loyalty offers, manage stock levels etc. Management of orders and invoices also included.

Variable multiple Tax Rates, can be changed system wide in a single click, unlimited number of tax rates, and can be set at different rates per product.

Unlimited Special Offer Phrases can be added.

Customer Loyalty Discounts on individual Products automatically shown on Log-In, if items already in bag when customer logs-in any applicable loyalty discounts are applied to any relevant items already selected.

Shipping can be set by weight, volume or fixed on each product. Simply add the weight or volume of the product, add the rate per Kg or Cubic Metre to the system parameters and the shipping will automatically added.

Allows Optional Minimum and Maximum Shipping Cost, total shipping automatically adjusted where applicable.

PDF Invoices automatically created for each order, select download or view.

Customer sent copy of PDF by email on completion of order.

Optional Special Offers block on home page, lists all products that are currently on offer.

Automatic corner or ribbon messages applied to products on offer or that are downloadable items. e.g Sale!, Special Offer, Special Price, FREE Gift, Download Product etc.

Customer account page allows viewing previous orders and the status of orders.

Bag can be hidden or displayed by customer, as items are added to bag the bag count on the bag changes accordingly, and the bag changes to a bag with a product in it.

Automatic Bag Adjustment. If the customer selects a higher number of products than there are in stock, the qty is amended to the number in stock.

Automatic stock updating when the order has been processed.

Full product details available in a pop-up, clicking the product image or the ‘more’ link pops up a larger image and full details of the product.

Products can be attached to Drop Shippers or Stock.

Everything you need for your shop.

Uses a single MySQL Database, tables are automatically created with a script supplied.

Automatically skips the PayPal step if the order is Zero Value. So FREE products are catered for.

FREE Support

Comprehensive Installation Guide.

Comprehensive User Guide.

And more..........
For webplus versions

Works with WebPlus X6

Fully Integrated Complete Shop System

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It is in the bag! Shop System/Template for WebPlus X6
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The First and Only fully WebPlus integrated Shop System!
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